Garages for sale in Madrid (53 Listings)

Calle Barón del Castillo de Chirel, 4, between the streets of Berruguete and Juan del Risco. Garage in basement for medium car (2.00 x 4.31), with good access in and out, comfortable and wide maneuvering area, automatic door with remote control. Located 200 m. of Francos Rodríguez and Bravo Murillo. Community expenses 250 € / year. It does not pay IBI. No fees are charged to the buyer.

Several garage spaces for MOTORCYCLES are sold in the Barrio de Arturo Soria, specifically in Agastia street of 1.50 m2 wide x 2.50 m2 long. They are in a parking lot with wide and comfortable access. It has access through the farm and through the exit door of the cars. Located in the basement -2. Very good estate with elevator and doorman! There are also garage spaces for medium and large cars, between columns and without columns, with measures from 2.30 m2 wide x 4.54 m2 long up to 2.84 m2 wide x 5.24 m2 long.

Garage space located in the Torrelodones Gold Building, right in the center of the municipality. It is located in the basement of the same building. With a surface of 11 m2 you can park a bulky car. It is also very well located within the garage itself, so the entry and exit maneuvers are very simple. If you need a parking space well located and easy to park, do not forget to call me!

Remax Hunter sells ample garage space with easy access. Automatic door with remote control.

Garage space is sold in the Plaza Mayor de Leganés. The parking has double entrances and exits, Calle Marqués de Leganés and the tunnel. Excellent location. Call us and we will inform you without obligation.

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